DCF Demystified

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1. What is a DCF?

Learn why we use the DCF (discounted cash flow) tool to value companies, and why its the best overall tool.

2. Calculating Growth Rates

Discover the "right" way to determine usable growth rates.

3. Calculating NOPAT

Learn the foundations for calculating free cash flow.

4. Reinvestment

Every company MUST reinvest to grow, here we learn the best way to measure those reinvestments.

5. Calculating Free Cash Flow

Start to put all the inputs together to calculate free cash flow, the building block for valuation.

6. Discount & Terminal Rates

Learn how to determine the rates to discount Google's future cash flows back to present value. Huge impact on valuation.

7. Putting It All Together

Put everything together to start valuing companies and find great investments.

everything is a DCF model.The point is that whenever investors value a stake in a cash-generating asset, they should recognize that they are using a discounted cash flow (DCF) model.

Start valuing companies in 7 days.

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